Obeying her avian masters
Apr 20, 2019
Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
I have four hens and added a Easter egger pullet to my flock, from the same breeder the rest of my girls come from, two and a half weeks ago. Four or five days after getting her she had red in her droppings but otherwise seemed OK. I spoke to my "Chicken guy" who thought she may have picked up coccidiosis and I have been treating the whole flock with "Amprolium20" in their water for the past week. I wormed the whole flock a couple of days after getting her.

She only had that one episode of red in the droppings until I found this this morning


The stuff looks more like semi dried tomatoes than blood.

Any idea what it is and what it might signify? She has no visible injury that I could see and appears to be eating and drinking. She is around 12-13 weeks old now.
It does look like some dried tomatoes, have you fed them anything red? Do they free range and probably ate something? I thought possible intestinal lining but it's too "red". I would do another dosing for everyone with Corid, just to be safe.

@dawg53 @casportpony

They are ranging in their run which is quite large.


I haven't given them anything red to eat :D

They are still on the Amprolium (Which, according to Google, is what is in Corid, so it's the same thing I guess?) and will be finishing the course in 7 days.

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