Reenactors or Living History Participants


8 Years
Jan 30, 2011
Anyboby else do Civil War reenacting or living history demonstrations.I belong to an artilery crew that fields only authentic civil war era cannons in the events that we attend.
No, I don't, but have always wanted to do living history. I live near Land Between the Lakes. They have a living history farm from the 1800's there. I love to go and watch them "live" day to day. They are always doing something different. I find it fascinating to take a peek at the way the world was.
Oh, and
We are CW reenactors too! Used to be Terry's TX Rangers and 6th Illinois Dismounted Calv (under General Greison....who was protrayed by Kuhn), we broke off and went whatever opening was available. Sometimes we fall in with the artillery on the Southern side and sometimes the Northern side. Hubby is very flexible. I believe he has been an reenactor for almost 20 years now. I'm in my 15th year I believe.


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