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    Today there was a pretty widespread topic throughout the news and internet regarding chicks and how they are treated.

    This topic quickly found its way to BYC. The staff decided to allow the topic with the hope that the discussion would remain civil and members would be able to discuss it without contention or flaming & trolling.

    Unfortunately the thread started to receive a plethora of replies that were not appropriate, feelings were hurt, and the reports came flying in. After numerous cleanups the BYC staff discussed it and decided it was just too heated to remain an open discussion.

    We have a rule against topics that involve PETA and Cockfighting. We also discourage contentious political and religious discussions. This is not because we feel these items should not be discussed, we just know they shouldn't and can't be discussed here. This is based on over 60 combined years experience in working with this community and is re-validated every time a discussion like this comes up (and our report box is filled up).

    We encourage our members to learn about the various ways in which their food is produced. We strongly exhort our community to not jump to conclusions or form judgments based on a few bits of information. Please do thorough research and make decisions based on accurate and unbiased information.

    Again, we regret that we have to remove and sometimes prohibit these discussions from happening on BYC, but have found that the cons of allowing them outweigh the pros.
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    Am I going to be banned if I bump this thread?

    I think this is very important information, and I appreciate the many hours of thought and discussion that go ito posts like this.

    [​IMG] #2
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    Hear, hear!
    I always try to stay polite and friendly. Even if something annoys me or makes me mad. The forum is a much nicer place when everyone is being nice.
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    I saw the story today, and thought about starting a thread about it. I decided against it. It sounds like that decision was a good one.

    A side question- Do Smileys show up in the reports?
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    Oh, man! I missed all the excitement again, didn't I??? [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Thanks for doing a great job of moderating. BYC forums are a refreshing change from some of the other forums I read.
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    Apr 30, 2009
    With over 40,000 members some topics are just best avoided.

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    I've been missing the fun ones lately. Probably a good thing.
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    Thank you Mods - good call! [​IMG]

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