Reintroducing quarantined hen back into flock

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    Our silkie hen was attacked by a raccoon two weeks ago...horrendious injury. Phyllis survived [​IMG] has been quarentined for two weeks, and is now well enough to go back into the coop.

    My question is this...Will we need to reintroduce her to her two sisters and one rooster? During the day Phyllis has been on our screened porch at eye level with the other chickens. They do talk to each other and Phyllis gets upset when we put the other chickens back in the coop in the late afternoon.

    Any advise is welcome!

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    She's been away for a any period of time - I would introduce her like new flock members. Side-by-side for a period of time and then supervised mixing. If the others are standard breed and she's small you will need to be especially vigilant as they will probably have to reform the pecking order.
  3. The Accidental Coop

    The Accidental Coop In the Brooder

    Thank you.

    We have 4, one rooster and three hens, including Phyllis. All are bantams. Roughly the same size.
  4. Yes, supervise her first visits. Also, I would put her on the roosts with the others after dark and let her sleep and wake up with the others. At dawn, let her eat with her flockmates, then separate her if necessary and repeat the next night. Roosting with the others will make her feel she is still a part of the flock. Hope you got the raccoon problem fixed! You're lucky you were able to save your little silkie!

  5. The Accidental Coop

    The Accidental Coop In the Brooder

    Thank you. Tonight we will put her in the henhouse.

    Raccoons, fox, and now I hear a bobcat is in the area. We did not have this many nocturnal visitors the 13 years our sweet Peter was alive. I think it is almost time to adopt another pooch [​IMG]
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    Anxious to know how this works out. I am trying to reintroduce one that has been sick but is now almost recovered. They just rejected her totally on our reunification attempt last hour. I'm subscribing to your thread. Please update!
  7. The Accidental Coop

    The Accidental Coop In the Brooder

    Be happy to post how it goes.

    We plan to put her in the henhouse around 10 this evening.....Once everyone is asleep.

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    I just reintro one that the flock had pecked almost all her feathers out. I caged her for over a month till her feathers grew back. During the day I would lock her in the flocks run while the others would range. Then I finally put her back with the flock one night. She's now on the bottom of the order. They chase her around & she runs from them but she hopefully will be fine. Good luck all you can do is keep an eye on her.
  9. The Accidental Coop

    The Accidental Coop In the Brooder

    Phyllis is back with her peeps [​IMG].

    We placed Phyllis in the henhouse last night. Once in the run....This morning I watched closely, the rooster was a little aggressive....Directing her with his wing. The two hens basically ignored her. I checked them a few minutes ago. Phyllis was taking a dust bath ... All the chickens appear have returned to the same pecking order as before the raccoon attack.

    PS....Phyllis had most of the skin ripped from her back. We could even see her ribs under one wing. We NEVER imagined she would survive let alone heal so fast. Thank heavens for Polysporin and Betadine. And, of couse, our little doggie crate [​IMG]

  10. pigcoon

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    Oh that is wonderful! You must be so happy!

    THat gives me a little hope! Now I have to decide whether to do the dog crate in the coop or just try what you did tonight.

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