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11 Years
Feb 17, 2010
So yesterday we built the outside part of the coop put the ramp in got everything secure. It took all day we used old chain link fencing we had and even put a top on the coop. Any way my chicks are about three weeks old. I was so happy they could finally go out side we gathered them up and put them in their new run. We were watching them then not more then a couple minutes went by and one went right through the whole in the chain link. The girls all screamed lol and I think that startled it and it jumped right back through. I swear it looked bigger then the hole. We were all laughing so hard we gathered the chicks and put them back in their other home for right now.I guess the will see the great out doors in a few more weeks.

Haha, little buggers can sometimes ruin the best laid plans! Cute story!
We live on a acre in the middle of town Tucson no raccoons here just cats but we made sure to make it cat proof that is our worst enemy beside our own dogs. Who we have really been working with.
Welcome and just remember that you heard it here, you likely have raccoons where you are. There are plenty of pest control folks in Tucson that make a living on those and other critters.
Raccoons live absolutely everywhere. Not to scare you; just to warn you.


It's so funny to see what tiny holes they can squeeze themselves into, isn't it? XD I'd put in a roost for my 3 wk olds that allowed them to get above the level of the cardboard draft excluders I'd put around an old dog cage -- right up until I realized that I'd given them a way to walk right out of prison
Folks here have mentioned the really little ones popping right through chicken wire brooder sides, too.
the coons are every and anywhere, they come out at night.... Just be CAREFUL!! nobody wants anything bad to happen

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