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    Just a note, the "Remember Me" function on the login doesn't seem to be working anymore (I'm using Chrome) It always has in the past, but during the last week I have had to sign in each time (Chrome remembers my username and password). I have never had to do this before and I have changed no settings on my browser. Both my CCleaner and spyware programs are both set to ignore cookies from backyardchickens.com (always have been).

    IOW, there have been no changes at this end. Has there been some "up"grade to the board?

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    Chrome is not the only browser out there. I personally don't like chrome. Maybe because I'm not used to it much. I do know that it is a SAFE BROWSER for serious transactions such as banking, compared to Internet Explorer. Your BYC website login is not a sought after target of hackers. Try a different browser like my PERSONAL FAVORITE OPERA. It does not cost anything, and I like Operas' PRIVACY POLICY. Google (chrome) collects information and sells it to advertisers. That is how money is made. It is not dangerous, but it is ads that try to follow your searches. There are ways to opt out of it, but most people are not aware of how.
    In your case, try restarting your computer and set your settings like from initial sign up. Another option is to use system restore and use a restore point date you know all things were working well. Sometimes settings change unexplained.

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