Rescued a duckling 3 days ago


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Apr 19, 2013
Seoul, Korea

Found this kid in an alley. It was put in a styrofoam box.
I took it to the vet and vaccinated it. He said it's very healthy and lively.
(I'm not sure if he's an avian expert, though.)

1. What kind of duck is this? Can it fly?
(I live in Korea, so maybe it's a pekin? but I thought pekin ducklings were solid yellow...)

2. Is it male or female?

3. How old is it? It has some stiff feathers on its tail.

4. I think it eats and drinks(and poops) too much. Is this normal?

5. For food I gave it chopped lettuces, dried anchovies, crushed rice, feed for mid-sized chicks and boiled egg yolks.
I also ordered some dried mealworms and brewer's yeast tablets on the internet.
Am I doing it right? If not, what should I add/exclude?

6. It cries loudly when I'm out of its sight. Will this stop when it's all grown up?
I put a mirror in its box, but that doesn't help much.
What should I do when I must go out?

7. Sometimes it eats its own poop. Is it okay to leave it?

8. Should I put all lights out when it goes to sleep?

9. It constantly peeps when sleeping. Why is that? Do I have to whistle it back?

Oh, and sorry about my bad English.
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1. Looks to be an Ancona. No, they cannot fly.

2. There isn't a way of telling sex at that age, at 5-6 weeks old, you can tell by either a low raspy voice (male) or a loud quack (female).

3. Maybe about 2 weeks old?

4. Ducklings grow fast, therefor they eat, drink, and poop a lot.

5. It's diet should mostly be chick starter/grower feed, with a little treats here and there. Make sure it has grit available if you give anything more than the feed.

6. This will probably lessen as it ages, but considering it's alone, it will want a lot of your attention. For its happiness, it would be best to get another duckling of about the same age.

7. Probably fine, most likely it's tasting rather than eating.

8. It will need it's heat light until about 8 weeks old.

9. I'm not sure, mine are silent when they sleep.

He/she is very cute, good luck!

P.S. This is a relly good thread to read up on:
Thanks. Now it's sleeping on its poop towel. I tried to put it into its nest(I made it with Legos and towels), but it keeps crawling out.
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Thanks. Now it's sleeping on its poop towel. I tried to put it into towel nest, but it keeps crawling out.
Those towels need to be wash and changed often, your awesome for taking the little one in, but if you feel you can't keep it for various reason, pleas find it a good safe home. it's been through so much already. and Bless you!
Also, try a stuffed animal, too. But, yes, it will want to be with you or someone else all the time. It's only natural because they do the same thing in the wild if they're left alone.

Thanks for rescuing this one. There was a couple of ducklings the same age dumped at a place near where I live a couple months ago and one died.
So cute! It sounds like your duckling has bonded to you, which is good. Have you figured out how you are going to keep the little one? Is it going to be outdoors when it gets bigger or are you planning to keep it indoors? Do you work or go to school? I ask because I have a single House Duck and it can be amazing for someone who has the time. For people who work, go to school or have a busy life outside the house I don't recommend keeping one duck. They will cry all day for you (even when they grow up). I can't go to the bathroom without mine wanting to come in with me. She is very needy but since I'm home all the time it works for us. I dont recommed it for everyone though. If you do work or go to school I would seriously consider getting the little one a friend. Especially if you are planning to move the ducky outside when it's grown. It will need to have a companion.
Thanks for your advice. Currently I'm taking time off from college, but I have to to go back in September. I'm a commuter, so it would have to spend some hours alone when I'm at school(I'm going to keep it indoors). I thought it would stop crying when it's all grown up. Does getting another one really helps? It would be a big problem if that doubles the peeps when I'm gone. And wouldn't they fight or peck each others' eyes or something? I'm new to ducks, so I'm worried about almost everything...

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