Rescued wild partridge eggs


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7 Years
Mar 19, 2012
Carlingford, NB Canada
So a few days ago, my husband was cleaning out some bushes near my lilacs & came across a nest with 11 partridge eggs. He didn't disturb it. For days we watched as mama partridge flew in & out of the nest...and sit on the eggs. Well this morning when I went out to let my chickens out of the coop...there was mama partridge dead! I immediately woke up my oldest daughter and we went out to check to see if the eggs were still there...and thankfully they were.
I took the orphaned eggs and placed them in our incubator.
I'm not sure when mama had begun laying on the I do not know how much longer until they hatch....considering they do.
Any advice on hatching wild game bird chicks is appricated:)
I've hatched many chicks....but never wild eggs!
I assume it's the same...and I'll get some game bird chick starter.

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