respiratory illness


6 Years
Apr 9, 2014
I have a 20 week old easter-egger that was fine yesterday, but today she makes "wheezy" noises with every breath in and out. Otherwise she seems ok. Lots of sneezing, but she continues to be active and to forage, dust-bathe, etc. Any ideas what is going on with her, or what we should do? Any help would be appreciated!!
Hi! I would definitely separate her from the rest of the flock to monitor for any further symptoms and hopefully ensure that the rest of the flock isn't exposed to the infection. Also, it would be good to get an antibiotic like Duramycin. Good luck!
Thanks for the info. Can I get the antibiotic at the feed store, or do I need a vet? We're in suburbs, so no vets around.
Also, if I can get antibiotic, should I just give it to the affected hen, or to all of them? Thanks again!!
You can get them at the feed store. I would seperate and treat just the infected hen for now. If more start showing symptoms then I would treat the whole flock.

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