Rest easy, little bit❤️😭


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Mar 28, 2021
Little bit was an amazing chicken, she had a disability which was that her left leg was broken as chick so it healed sideways for the rest of her life. When I went out there she would always wait for me to pick her up and take her into the coop. She was the best chicken ever! I miss her so much now 😭😞 Rest In Peace babies❤️😭


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Dec 4, 2020
I’m so sorry for your loss.
I had a chick with a leg that faced sideways too. It is sad going out at night and not having them run up to you so you can put them upstairs. You’ll always miss her. Your life does get a bit easier when you don’t need to help them all the time.

Thank you for taking care of her. May she Rest In Peace.

We’re all here for you :hugs


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Mar 19, 2021
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I'm so sorry for your loss :hugs
She was so lucky to have an owner who cared about her and took the time to raise her and give her the best life she could ever have.
I know that typed words don't mean a lot, but I hope that this can help you even a little bit. And I'm always here if you need a buddy to chat to.
Rest in Peace Baby xxx

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Sep 18, 2018
North Central Iowa
I am very sorry for the loss of Little Bit. She was lucky to have someone who loved and cared for her.

What we view as disabilities, animals just accept as the way their lives are. But this little girl showed you that despite her mangled leg -- or maybe because of it -- she could elicit love and attention from her person.

Keep the good memories, and you keep a bit of her alive in you!

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