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Derek Kwas

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Apr 14, 2017
Plainfield, Illinois
Hello, as the title says, I have noticed 1 of our 4 chickens (Rhode Island Red, All Born 3/30/17) has white tips on her feathers at the top of her head and has some baby feathers loose as shown in the pictures. I feel this may be molting due to age and we haven't seen her go through it but the others have but we dont know for sure.

~~Also, we have noticed that for the past couple of months that all 4 of our chickens have not been laying any eggs. We were hoping that the cold weather is to blame but we dont know.

-Thanks for any help in advance!



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Jul 23, 2018
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Awesome. Thanks for the quick reply. Now by any chance do you know anything as to why they aren't producing eggs?
It's very hard on the body to grow new feathers. Therefore, between that and the reduced amount of daylight, egg production typically stops but will resume as the days lengthen.


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The shortened day light period and molt have caused the stop in egg production. The good news is that after today day light period will increase.

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