Rhode Island Whites


9 Years
Oct 21, 2010
My family and I are new to raising chickens for eggs and new to your site. We have what we thought
was 1 rooster and 5 hens but lately 2 of our hens are starting to look like our rooster. We
just got our first eggs yesterday (3 total). Is there any definitive way to tell the hens from the roosters?
They are roughly 22 weeks old.
this is a 19 week old BA pullet:

this is a 17 week old BA cockerel:

you can see the diffrence and at 22 weeks it should be easy
good luck
Thanks again Punky, I noticed in your attached photos the comb can be large on a pullet. Great information.
yes pullet combs can be close to a cockerels for a while but tail feathers, pointed hackle and saddle feathers all should make it easy to tell.
if you have any pics i could help you tell
good luck!
Thank you for the offer, I am in the process of uploading some pics (I will hopfully have them on line this weekend). I notice you are from MA, I'm from Sturbridge.
One of our friends friends is a teacher and had them hatch as a class project. I guess they werent able to keep
all of them so we ended up with 10. We gave 1 rooster and 4 hens (I think) to some friends we have.
Just a thought, didn't think Whites were common enough for class room projects. Thought they were on the more rare side. Are you sure they are Rhode Island Whites? When you get your pictures up it'll help. RIW would have red earlobes but I don't recall what color legs they should have.

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