Rhode Island Whites

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    Quote:Hi! I had the two SLW, and both are vaccinated for mareks, coryza, ILT, MG, and they weren't ill. Ask Jean [​IMG]. The cock did come down with a touch of favus a few days before the show but was being treated (i put iodine on it over the fungal medication so people could *see* the medication). Was there a reason you thought all the wyandottes were sickly looking? Because there were only five there [​IMG]
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    Ultasol. she was referring to where they were at the show, that they were across the aisle, as someone asked earlier here in the thread that they would like to see the RIW next to a wyandotte for comparison.[​IMG]
    BYW: your SLW Cock was beautiful, but looked awfully tired.
    My birds were angry & tired and had no more patience at the end of the ride home either.

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