Ringneck Dove lays tiny egg


14 Years
Aug 6, 2008
New York
I have a new pair of Ringneck Doves that have been together for a week. The pair have been mating and today I found a tiny egg on the bottom of the cage. I did notice that the female was straining while on the nest. I do not know the age of the pair.
Could she be too old, or young to lay? Any ideas are appreciated.
Here is Thurston after I leave the cage door open. He wants to fly around my living room. He is an awesome bird.
Screen Shot 2022-07-02 at 5.36.22 PM.png
Here is Lovie sitting on her nest religiously for two weeks. Still no eggs? I guess that patience is a virtue.
Any eggs yet? If she has access to calcium and still isn’t laying she could be too old or some other problem, but I wouldn’t worry as long as she isn’t showing signs of egg binding like listlessness or excessive straining. One of my very old pigeons lays single dud eggs instead of the regular two that are bigger and oval shaped.

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