Ringneck Dove

Savannah Hayley

In the Brooder
5 Years
Sep 2, 2014
It turns out the dove I have is actually a ringneck dove and not a mourning dove. I'm not sure why I assumed she was a mourning dove. But anyway she has black feathers coming in on her neck and that's how I know she's a ringneck.
I'm keeping her in cage I got that's 22 inches wide and 18 inches long and high. I'm not going to be keeping her in there for long, just for a week or two, then I'm moving her into a chicken coop my dad built. It's pretty big, probably about 7 feet wide. There are no other birds in it.
I have a couple questions.
1) Should I keep her? I feel really bad about her in a cage.
2) If I do keep her when should I get her a mate?
3) I'm not actually sure if she's a girl; I've just been calling her that. How can I know if she/he is a girl or boy?
Doves are good and small enough to be a cage bird. Just make sure she get's a lot of attention. There is no way to really tell what gender your pigeon is because they aren't sexually dimorphic. so the only way to know is if you got her a mate.

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