RIR Hatching eggs $20 for a doz which incl. shipping UPS w/ tracking!

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    Jul 18, 2008
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    Gorgeous birds! They are my friends whom I distribute for. I just hatched my first batch from her, but I had a horrible heatlamp accident and only have one chick to show for it now. ALL eggs were fertile in my batch and I'm getting my own dozen from her again to make up for it.

    Her rooster is BIG and beautiful (sorry i do not have pictures of him yet),he is friendly, and he even tries to court my friend haha!

    This is "Dingles" my soul survivor....2 days old today:
    sorry fuzzy my cameras battery is dying [​IMG]

    a doz eggs, $20 for the eggs plus the shipping VIA UPS with tracking number incl.

    PM me if you want any. Money order, or cashiers check no pay pal sorry

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