RIR seems sick

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    Nov 12, 2012
    From Southwestern, PA.
    I have a Rhode Island Red that doesn't seem to be feeling well, if that makes sense. She is about a year old, so I was told. She has a paste butt going on for a while now and I clean it up frequently. It never gets to the point where her vent is blocked but it is always messy. Lately she is kind of staying off to herself away from the other girls (2 leg horns and another RIR). I also just noticed GIANT poop in the coop and on the there perch. I suspect it's hers but I can't be sure of that. It's brown and almost kind of on the dry side. It's different than the others poop. When I first saw it, I thought another animal got in their pen and pooped! I let them free range today and several times I noticed she would just sit in the grass and leaves. Basically, she is just not acting normally. Anyone have any idea what the problem is or how I should handle it?

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