roo or hen


9 Years
Apr 25, 2010
Northern WI
this is Duke I think hes a roo, Idk it kinda acts like its a hen.... its 10 weeks old



and I think this is a hen its 8 1/2 weeks old... but im thinking twice, it has a REALLY DEEP cluck apared to the others


I'm thinking both hens at this point, I see no signs of saddle on either. Hope this helps!
Duke is a roo, very nice looking.

Keep an eye on the second chicken, that is a rather big comb and red face for 81/2 week old hen.
my BR's are 9 weeks nearly 10 weeks and none have red comb and wattles like that. I say roo for the first one..the second one, you'll just have to give it a little time.
Don't know about the 2nd one, but I am going to say the first one is a Barred Rock roo. Comparing him to my 10 week old BR hens, they are no where near as red, do not have wattles yet & not as much comb as yours. Also, he looks pretty grayish as compared to a female BR who would be darker.
The BR looks alot like my BR cockerels at that age - if it is a "he" you should see shiny saddle feathers coming in on the back pretty soon.

The second looks like a pullet to me - I have a Wyandotte cross pullet who developed a comb early on but it stayed small like the one in your pic.

Good luck - hope you get what you want!


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