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    that is nicolas alan eating his favorite food.. egg from the ee hen.. he loves them..
    did the mouth open thing for me..

    you lucky folks seeing the sweetest ad most wonderful little boy that ever was ... totally... grandma loves him sooo much.

    Fixed it for you jdypat! [​IMG]
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    the little one.. brings in the eggs for me..
    he is special..very very smart boy.. 3 last january..but he keeps quiet. he does not talk.
    does anyone have any information or experience in this?
    selective mutism.. ???? dr wont diagnosis.. he is very smarat.. does his own hand language is so sweet and loving... his name is Nick.
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    May 5, 2008
    My 9 year old was like that , He had his own sign language, He did not talk till he was almost six, We took him to speech therapists and occupational therapist, He only started talking when we found something he was truly interested in, He went from saying nothing to saying tyranasaursrex (I'm sure that is not spelled correctly) We were amazed at the speed in which he learned to talk after that, He now talks our ears off. He is still in speech classes and still works with the occupational therapist.
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    that was the most wonderful thing ive heard in weeks.
    Nick can say words..when he wants to but limited to one sylable. mama is not counted.
    he seems to talk. bu does not move his mouth or form words.. but sometimes he does. like peepee
    doodoo brothers are bubba.. (hidemyface)
    da da
    he was 3 in january. starts speech therapy soon. in the area we live, deep in back woods tenn you are lucky to get help if you cut a arm off. lack of speech is not a big deal.
    you give me hope.. thank you.. jdy

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