Roo with eye problem? Help!

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  1. kat2347

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    Nov 9, 2016
    I just went out to lock the chickens up in the coop for the night and noticed that our silkie rooster has a white/yellowish discharge coming from his right eye with no swelling(yet). He doesn't have any other symptoms. He's been crowing, eating and drinking, and running around just fine. I've cleaned it out with warm water and put some VetRX on it. Do you think it's an eye injury or something more serious?

  2. PeepersMama

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    If he's acting fine and not showing any other symptoms, I'd say he probably got poked by something. Washing it was a great first step. Keep an eye on him and make sure it doesn't get infected, as an infection would have a direct path to his brain. Make sure that his girls don't peck at it either.
  3. Sony57

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    Nov 17, 2014
    I agree with PeepersMama,

    Cleaning the eye is the best first step. I have read on other sites that you can apply neosporine. I have attached some links below. I would recommend separating him just in case. Respiratory infections often first manifest in the eyes; not saying it is, just prepping for worst case scenario is often a good practice. Also, as PeepersMama mentioned, if he is being pecked by the others it may make things worse and isolation may really be the most beneficial option.

    I have also read and been advised by my vet that anytime a chicken is feeling less than par you should add additional heat sources such as a heat lamp; apparently this really facilitates in the healing process.

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