roofing the run?


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Apr 19, 2009
Central Mass
I'm looking for ideas on how to roof an 8' wide X 16' long run to keep heavy snow/rain out. I live in New England so it would need to support a heavy snow load.
I was thinking of using those corrugated sheets of clear acrylic or something similar? I can only find them in 24" X 8 ft, so does that mean bracing the roof every 2 feet? Could I lay them flat or would they need to be slanted at an angle for run-off? How strong are they?
Aside from cutting down on my needing to shovel the area every winter, is it a big advantage to have more than just wire/netting on the run?

Would love to hear any pros and cons to putting a roof on the run, and any pics/ideas appreciated!
It depends on how technical you want to go. You could check your local building codes to see what snow load you need to design for, then contact the manufacturer of the material you want to use and see if they have a customer support to help you with a design or maybe a web page with information. As a minimum, they can tell you how often you need to support them. They should also be able to tell you what slope is required for run-off. The store you purchase the material may be able to help with technical questions also.

I would certainly put a slope for water run-off. Puting enough slope for the snow to slide off may be cost-prohibitive but it sure would reduce snow load.

The advantages to putting a solid roof over the run as opposed to wire is to help keep the run dry and to provide shade. I'd consider an opaque material instead of transparent or translucent so you do provide shade. The disadvantage I'm aware of is cost.
I'm using the 4'x6' Ondura corrugated panels, just on part of the run closest to the coop. The panels are about $17 each at Menard's and come in various colors and transparencies. I think they are practical only on a slanted base though.
My run is covered in TufTex, which is manufactured by the same company that manufactures Ondura (Tallant, Inc.). I used the smoke colored panels in the 10' length with 24" on center supports. My run slopes downward along the natural grade of the land, which to me is preferable for the runoff. I love having a covered coop with all of the rain we have had in VA lately. Here is the link to the website for the Tuftex, Ondura, etc.
We used these on our "log cabin" in our old backyard, they were sooo easy to work with, we ended up using them on our vacation "cabin" as well!!
We used these on our "log cabin" in our old backyard, they were sooo easy to work with, we ended up using them on our vacation "cabin" as well!!

Not trying to hi jack the thread, but we live in a log cabin as well and also have the Tuftex on our screen house by our pond! The Tuftex is super easy to work with!
I don't have any of my coop/run yet but to show how versatile it is to cut/install/work with, here is a pic of the screen house by our pond. The Tuftex panels have been cut to fit in the 4 spaces right below the roof on each side. They are smoke in color but it comes in many other colors.


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