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9 Years
Oct 24, 2010
Burlington County, NJ
I haven't really been on much lately due to some personal issues. So I figured I'd give an update. Since my last post I have hatched 35 bringing my new year total to 55. Maybe I'll be able to hang with the big boys one day
Dang boy, you've slowed up a bit. I have about 10 week olds in a brooder, 60 in the grow out pens, and 30 something just going into lockdown, but I highly doubt I'm a serious contender in the quail wars. I can brag all I want but JJ and Bill will soon put us to shame...
Iv been wonder'in what happened to you. Good to see ya back on-line.

Robo is blow'n smoke, I'm way green and aint even try'in to run with the big dogs.
Been hatch'in as I can, buildin pens as I can. I have been pickling a lot of the eggs my girls lay too. Got 36 of Buttercups corts in the bator, along with 47 butler bobs, and 21 butlers in a hatcher I just locked down... By my math thats 104 eggs. I need more pens..... Dont be a stranger man. Bill
I have to build more pens too, I need two more grow out pens and one huge breeder pen before I can do a big hatch. Plus I'm hatching buff orpingtons in all my incubators theese next few weeks. All I have to hatch quail in is the one I have in lockdown with 40 coturnix eggs. I commence white out next Wendsday, I'm gonna just hatch white ones for quail while I'm busy with the Orpingtons.
Weather is finally breaking here so my next pen I build will prob be outside. I have to build that and some rabbit pens to. I have to do do some beer sexing soon. My kids are sharping knives eying up the pens
To quote my son "we should be eating real good"
"we should be eating real good" I cant say hes wrong!! I butchered 12 of my first birds, all roos, a few weeks ago. They were young and tasty... Bill


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