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  1. just finished building my roosts. they are 5' long 2x4's, the 1st roost is 24" off floor 56" from the wall, 2nd is 18" higher and 36" from the wall and the top roost is another 18" above the 2nd and 18" from the wall. i figured they would fly or jump from roost to roost, but do i needed a ramp from the floor up to all the roosts in case they don't want to fly up there. was wondering about the width of the ramp. how wide should it be? it's a little steeper than i'd like it to be, but they'll just have to learn to use it if they don't take to flying from roost to roost. any advice would be helpful. thanx.
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    No ramp necessary - they can hop 18 inches. If they are young it may take them a couple of months to decide they want to roost. They will not need a ramp when that time comes.
  3. thanx for the input, midget. i was hopeing that i wouldn't need to mess with a ramp, but i've seen alot of pictures of peoples coops and it seems alot of them have ramps. that's good news.

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