Rooster attacked by a coyote-- have many questions

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  1. slpmom

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    Sep 4, 2013
    Sorry for the long post but I have many questions in which I'm hoping you all will help me. Our biggest fear with having chickens has happened. Two days ago, one of our roosters was attacked by a coyote or another dog . We took him to the emergency vet and he has lacerations on his neck, back and wings. He had stitches put in the biggest holes. The back was not broken but some of the holes went deep into the muscle. He did have problems breathing but they gave him some oxygen support there and since he has been fine breathing. I am to bring him back in a week for a recheck and to have the stitches removed. we were told to keep him warm, clean and watch him closely.

    He is now in the living room in a dog crate. We have his sibling rooster in a crate next to him... (the ultimate alarm clock I can assure you). He is eating some, not much, and drinking water when offered and will eat his meds if mixed in pomegranete. He will stand and take a few steps, but after a few minutes walks back to his cage and lays down. Not a single crow/sound etc but looks around and enjoys being pet. Comb color vet said was good.

    The vet had said the first 24 hours would be the most crucial to see if he would make it. It is now 48 hours- what do you all think? Any tips?

    ( no disrespect here but-- I'd really appreciate tips and not those saying I was stupid to do this for a rooster..I've had enough of that "live")
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    You know what, he's your rooster - you do what you want to try to save him. 48 hours is a good sign. Skin lacerations heal well in birds. Punctures can be more of a problem. If the punctures have not caused serious internal damage, he may do fine. Surely hope so.
  3. ten chicks

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    May 9, 2013
    Excellent that you were able to find a vet that would treat him. Sounds like you are doing everything correct. Did the vet give you anything for pain relief? Did your vet mention anything about cleaning wounds daily and applying any antibiotic ointment(nothing with pain relief ending in "caine/cane"toxic to chickens)? Make sure he has access to grit while inside cage. Keep encouraging him to eat,he needs food to fuel his body.

    For supplying additional heat(when ill/injured chickens cannot regulate their body temp) i use a hot water bottle(wrapped in a pillowcase)my birds will lay beside or sit on it depending on how much heat they want. Your boy may not need this,just thought i would mention it.

    As long as his wounds do not become infected and he is eating/drinking,he will probably pull through.

    My chickens are pets so i completely understand. Best wishes for your boy.

  4. love2carve

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    aaaww, I think it is cool you caring for him and he must be a neat roo! He may have some internal injury that is causing him to rest. Hopefully he will get better. Maybe give him a little bit of some canned cat food for a little added protein. (blood builder). and it would help with a little more fluid for him. Not too much though, don't want to give him the squirts. good idea on having his buddy there too. they do not like to be alone. You are doing a great job! Keep us posted!
  5. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    Keep giving him his meds and watch the deep puncture wounds for infection. While some people will flush these type of wounds, in chickens it is best to simply clean the area with a dry cloth (gauze) if needed. The location of airsacs can be problematic and if one is flushed full of fluid you may have a dead patient.

    Sounds like you are doing a good job so far!
  6. MrsBachbach

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    Mar 6, 2013
    Not at all unusual for a chicken that has been attacked to be more quiet than normal. This could last a couple of weeks. Did the vet give antibiotics for infection? Main thing is keep infection at bay and food, water and rest. He may not feel like eating too much as he gets used to his new surrounding. May have to tempt him with a few treats. He should make it just fine.
  7. slpmom

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    Sep 4, 2013
    Hi- it was a struggle to find a vet--. I was at work and our 16 year old was home by herself ( she actually posted the picture of the rooster on a post yesterday).She called EVERY clinic in our area including the 2 emergency ones . I called a clinic that I had heard of and drove 35 minutes home and an hour and 15 back to the clinic. This rooster is our pet--in fact, when she went out searching for him after all the ruckus and piles of feathers everywhere, she called him and he came running down a hill in his bloody mess to her.

    I am buying the water bottle and grit today. We are also going to buy blukote . So far, I think he is getting better. He stands more erect and taking more steps. thanks for the kind words!

  8. cgmccary

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    Sep 14, 2007
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    FWIW, one thing I have found over the years is that sewing up any wound on a chicken is not good. I had a hen tore up by a dog once and the avian vet wanted to sew up her large wound and told her "NO!" My hen survived. I kept the open wound clean, her segregated and antibiotic ointment & antibiotic given orally (in her water). I had been told & read many times others experiences that sewing & closing the wound on a chicken most of the time led to infection. Like your rooster, my hen was kept the first night in an oxygen tent.

    I have also had chickens have horrendous wounds which they kept hidden from me and the flock, & I found later because of the scars to heal completely on their own.
  9. slpmom

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    Sep 4, 2013
    good morning! he just started to try and crow-- sounds more like a kazoo.......
  10. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010

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