Rooster attacked by dog!


11 Years
May 25, 2008
Washington State
Well my mom lives 2 miles from me on 5 acres so i have taken a corner for myself the run is enclosed and theres hot wire at the base. the people leasing the place has a chow and the fence was off to mow yesturday. I get there today and my EE rooster has no tail feathers not 1! so they tell me the chow got her mouth under the fence grabed his rump and got all his tail feathers including the quils. My BCM rooster saved him by coming over and pecking and scrathing the chows face. Will his feathers ever grow back? i treated his back but i didn't see any scratches or punctures just a rumples EE. should he be fine? will the feathers grow back? he walks around like hes sad he isn't crowing kinda like his manhoods gone but no visable injuries.
I'm glad he's okay, he's a lucky rooster!

His tail feathers should start to come back by his next molt. It will take a little while, but I bet within half a year he'll have his impressive tail back.

It's good that you can't see any wounds. I'd just give him a very intensive once-over to make sure he doesn't have any bruising or any other indicators of internal injuries.

Best of luck with him! Maybe give him a nice big dish of yogurt or scrambled egg to cheer him up
he got a big bowl of week old fruit salad mixed with yogurt and my sons leftover maple syrup drenched eggs
( the syrup was for the pancakes but two year olds eat all their pancakes just not eggs every morning) and of course he had to call his ladies to come share

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