Rooster chant all night (or so it feels)


7 Years
Nov 6, 2012
I have just introduce a young rooster to 4 hens. One is older than the others and was acting as the alpha. After the first night in the coop, the alpha hen fought the rooster, he won. We have had him for 9 days now, and got him to go at night in the coop (not in the trees) I had to close him and the 4 girls during 2 days in the coop. Then now, he starts chanting at 3 am and every hour he chants for about 10 minutes. I finally took him out of the coop last night around 4 am, as I am concerned for the noise and my neighbor. Then he sleep all night by himself in my sound proof chicken coop (too small to accommodate the 5 of them). Is there anything you have done in such a situation? What would happen if I put him at night in the sound proof chicken coop and the hens sleep in the bigger one? I need him to be the rooster not the older hen. I could put him in the sound proof coop with one different hens each night, even with the one he is fighting? I was feeling last night that he was scared in the coop and that is why he was chanting to make sure everyone knew who he was. Suggestions PLEASE? I am ready to do all it takes!
First off are you allowed to have roosters in your area? Sounds like you have very close neighbors and I can see them getting annoyed, but if roosters area legal to have, then it changes things, it's more of a consideration thing.

I know my rooster starts crowing about 1 hour and a 1/2 before day light, so this morning it was 4:30 when I heard him. And he has always been that way. Maybe yours has his routine now too, but I hope not for your neighbors. Is there anyway you can make your large coop more sound proof?

I don't think I would keep taking him out of his coop and into another coop every night, that sounds very tedious, and I would think would mess up the flock dynamics.

So my questions would be:
1. Can you have roosters in your area
2. Can you make your large coop more sound proof?
3. Are you close/friendly to your neighbors so that you can ask them if the rooster is bothering them (because they may never even hear him at those hours)?
Chickens hate being alone so that is why he was crowing all night. Roosters can be kept more quiet by not letting them out of the coop until you open the door. I would try to separate him in the coop in a cage until they get more use to each other... I find chickens act out more when they are stressed and moving to a new flock can do that.
Also having a light on in the coop makes them think it is daytime, so they crow all night. I had to turn off my yard flood lights(I kept on for my dog with cataracts to see easier, but with cold nights he comes in now). He crows about 4:30 every morning.

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