Rooster crow and dominance question


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Jun 15, 2011
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I read on the forum that roosters crow to communicate dominance...and that once you remove the dominant rooster/cockeral, the next one in line will start crowing.

I recently took my dominnat cockeral (SLW) to the feed store since he started crowing and I can't have boys in the city. My next in line is a 4-month Buff Brahma, named Buffzilla.

Since they are slow to mature, will it typically take longer for Brahma cockerals to crow than other breeds?

Also, Zilla is not the dominant male bird in the run - my Indian Runner Drake is. I caught him chasing Zilla around the run, into the coop, where he marched back in forth for a while, went back to his girls, then went into the coop and chased him out. A little later he had him 'trapped' under my chicken watching chair. It was hilarious to watch this big cockeral running away from a drake half his weight.

IF (big if) it is true that only (or mainly) the dominant rooster crows, would the dominance of my drake act in the same way to keep Zilla from crowing? I can only hope as I really like the big boy and want to hold on to him for as long as possible. He's nicer to the hens than the SLW was (excepting his unskilled attempts at mating) and has even taken up a 'protective' roost in the coop at night now that Silver is gone. Although he's a hatchery bird, he is still beautiful.

If he can last at least until my EE lays big enough eggs to hatch, I could try to get some olive-eggers chicks from him.


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The only thing that's certain about when a cockerel will start crowing is that they will crow when they are ready to.

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