Rooster crowing with beak closed


Mar 25, 2018
We currently have 3 little roos that we were planning to re-home/sell or take to the auction when they're a bit bigger. The handsome cream boy is only 6wks old and just learning to crow but so far he keeps his beak closed and it's the most adorable muffled crow. I'm assuming he'll learn to open his mouth but my husband has declared that if he doesn't and continues to crow with a closed mouth then we have to keep him. Has anyone ever had a rooster crow with a closed beak as an adult?

He is going to be a really pretty boy so it's already been hard to stay firm on not keeping him. He's the one in the front right of this picture. The other roos are the silver just behind him and the black one that's hiding on left side. I've sold the girls so it's just the 3 boys in this coop now.
usually if I have more than 1 they do it to not aggravate the dominant rooster. right now have finally got them settled as had 1 extra roo haven't been able to re-home, and he was a jerk wanted to be dominant and kept starting crowing wars at 4 am, he's lucky he didn't just get sent to freezer camp, he's heritage breed that's on threatened list so didn't want to have to do that. now he's doing more like that as I showed him I'm boss
I don't actually have any adult roosters since one got people aggressive (the dad of these chicks) and the other got hen aggressive because none of the hens liked him, so they're both gone now. If we were to keep any of these boys we just wouldn't hatch any eggs from our hens since they'd be related, but I wasn't planning to hatch anymore these hens anyway so it wouldn't really matter too much.

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