rooster doesn't court hens?

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    Sep 18, 2011
    hello byc!!! in light of 2 (or maybe 3, can't tell) hens starting laying this week and in early march, and with a broody-faking hen, i have noticed that my hen Hope's eggs are fertile (seen germinal disc). Great, can sell them to hatchers. BUT i have seen her being courted months ago by Mr. Nice Alpha Roo, Snippy. also, a fiesty leghorn rooster has courted her. she is fertile from the leghorn, from what i understand (chicken sperm last 1 month, i hear). since this occurence, i have not seen snippy court any hens. this is bad because i have broody chickens who i give in to (and give eggs to) who would HATE work for no chicks.

    so, i am wondering why my snippy is not mating the roosters.

    also we plan to rehome most roosters (including the Leghorn that keeps Hope... "fresh"). but we are keeping a very docile silkie rooster (he leads the silkies in a pack). will he be only able to mate bantams, or also Large Fowl birds?

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