rooster flogged son


10 Years
Apr 19, 2009
Piedmont NC
We have 2 free ranging roosters & one of them ran up to my 3 year old son today like he usually does (we hatched him & brooded him in the living room this spring... he is really tame) but then flogged him. My son stood his ground & kept facing him. I could tell he was scared, but told him to kick the rooster if he flogged him. Is that what I should have done? I was thinking that way he would know my son is the boss. Thank you in advance for the advice!
Would a 5 month old Dominicker mix have enough meat to make it worth cooking? I think I may relocate him to the old tobacco barn way away from the house. I was thankful my son had on jeans tonight.
You have a brave little boy. My grandpa's RIR roosters scared me. I recently bought a RIR rooster and, at 32, I'm still leery of him.
I think he was shocked his pal would attack him. I was shocked too.

I was almost worried that it was mean to kick the rooster.... but he could really hurt my son too.
Yep even at 5mos he could have blinded your son with his claws or beak and inflicted great damage. If you have never seen damage that two roosters can inflict on each other you would be amazed.

I had two roos get into a pen fight one day when one got out and the fighting actually broke some of the welds on 1x2 welded wire, not to mention the damage they inflicted on each other.
So is it not a good idea to have free ranging roosters with children? The farm is about 80 acres, but the chickens like to stay in the field closest to the house.
I would not mix the two... I have 5 roosters and 13 grandkids.. but my roos are in a pen. The kids go in there with me.... to feed or water.. but if a rooster ever tried to attact any of my babies I would send him to freezer camp......
I agree. When the GS comes to visit, the chickens get locked out of the yard. That's the rule around here, even though my roo has never been aggressive in the least.

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