rooster "flogging"?


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Hi, I've read several posts on BYC regarding roosters "flogging" their owners. What does "flogging" mean? I get the gist, I think. Doesn't sound like a pleasant experience, but I'd like to know the details of it. Thanks!
Its when they come after you with their spurs... Rooster Jail is necessary after that. I heard that some people trim their roosters spurs, or just give them a bit of tough love if they try... bad boys
The rooster will attack with its feet and with its wings, effectively flogging you with them. The historical flogging is with a rope, or cat-o-nine-tails, which is a rope with nine separated strands with a knot tied in the end of each thick strand. Whipping someone with it is called flogging.

So a rooster attacking you with his feet and thwapping you with his wings is flogging you.
I call it flogging when they use the wings and spurring when they actually jump up and catch me in the legs with the spurs. I'm really hoping I don't have a roo in my little flock of 6 chicks!
If you handle them alot and show them whose boss early on I hear that that helps to prevent flogging.
I have <*ahem*> eleven roosters, and none flog me.

My dominant rooster did ONCE, but he was ticked off at me and protecting his flock after I moved out and hadn't moved the flock yet; I was checking on them once a day to fill up feeders and waterers on my lunch breaks. I picked him up and carried him for a few minutes, so he remembered who really rules the flock when I am around. Now that the flock is at the new home with me, all is forgiven.

One of my bantam roosters has flogged me once, as well, and tries to now and again, but I just walk him backwards until he remembers who the boss is and gives up his intention to challenge me. He has flogged a couple of visitors, though.

If you train 'em well, roosters will learn you are dominant over them, and they won't challenge you, or flog you.

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