Rooster & Hen (13 weeks)- Inseparable! What to do?


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Jul 29, 2013
Cleveland OH
Here's the thing - you never know how a rooster is gonna grow out until it's grown. You CAN keep just the two of them together... But some day that rooster might get mean. And it might happen REALLY far along, like at a year an a half. (That's when my roos start to fight for territory.) Are you cozy with the potential of having to separate them that far into the future when they have no other flock mates? How about if he gets human aggressive, what happens then?

Personally, I'd rehome him to a farm prepared to deal with the potential pitfalls of your "perfectly sweet" rooster that may or may not stay so perfectly sweet. If he stays sweet, great. If he doesn't.... Will you be trying to reintegrate one lone, stressed hen? Will your friends give her up or get her friends?

For that matter, are your friends prepared to deal with what happens if he doesn't stay sweet?

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