Rooster mating pullet forcefully


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Nov 13, 2018
Hey..i have a dorking cross rooster about 8 months old.He keeps on forcefully mounting my 5 months old game cross pullet.The hen's face is pretty much turning red but she isn't ready.She tries to escape but gets overpowered.I have other hens too but the rooster always goes for this one.Today he made it inside hers yet forcefully.I think the pullet may start laying soon.Can anyone tell me is this normal or the rooster really will kill my pullet


Free Ranging
Nov 26, 2017
Southwest Idaho
Some cockerels will grab younger pullets because they don’t defend themselves and kick his butt like the older hens do.
My 5 month old cockerel does this also but when the pullet screams my older 9 month old cockerel comes running and kicks him off lol.
In a natural flock environment there are older roosters to keep young cockerels in line.
I agree with sourland, separation might be a good idea.

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