Rooster or?


May 23, 2017
So we recently got 4 new brown leghorn chicks and I was wondering if these chicks were old enough to tell if they are roosters or not?


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I can't tell from the picture. Brown leghorn males will feather in with black on their chest. If one of them has black feathers or gets black feathers on its chest then it is a roo. By black I mean a solid black, not like brown feathers with a little black on them.
Clearer pictures are needed, but I see quite a few cockerels in there :)
There better not be lol. All but 4 are supposed to be puppets according to the farm store and hatchery at least. I will try to get better pictures of the 2 that I am concerned might be roosters.
I see one that's comb looks like it might be a cockerel, but it's hard to tell from these photos.
That should have been pullets not puppets, stinking auto correct oh my phone. I would say that these chicks are at least 4 weeks old, possibly older.. 2 of them have combs that are coming in much quicker and thicker than the other 2 that were bought with the same batch, which makes me think they might be cockerels as none of the pullets have had their combs come in this quick in the past.

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