Rooster singing egg song

Clay Valley Farmer

9 Years
Sep 7, 2010
Have a non standard silkey rooster with 2 young silkey pullets not yet laying but one should be close. The other day I herd an egg song coming from their pen, thought to myself, cool finally a silkie egg or at least a good sign one should be coming soon. So I look in the pen and the rooster is doing the whole eggs song and dance. There is no question either he is a rooster, and one with lots of crow and attitude in him.

I've certainly had the EE roo half heartedly join in when layers start singing but never noticed a roo singing an egg song all on his own.
Roosters will do that - It's their means of alarm, usually. A hen will also make that sound out of alarm/fright, and not just egg laying.
Makes sense, I had associated the single sharp BAWK! as an alarm. Also a kind of purring chirp when something like a blue jay or chipmunk comes near.

Right now They are in quarantine in my garage, they are pretty use to me working in there but I was making sounds where he would not have been able to see me and that might well of set him off.

Kind of laughed at myself running over to their pen to check for an egg... LOL... egg waits...
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