Rooster spurs and spur dots


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11 Years
Sep 1, 2008
Where exactly can I find the spur dots on my babies? I thought I knew but when I look at the same spot on all the chickens, they all had it. So I am guessing I do not know what I am looking for after all. When will they be visible enough to distingish roos from hens? And do all Roos grow spurs? I thought I had 5 roos at I am thinking another one or 2 may be roos... I really need to know..the longer these guys hand around the harder it is to entertain the thoughts of getting rid of anyone. TIA
a little above the 4th toe ion the back of the leg you'll see a scale that looks bigger than the others and pokes out a little. You can't really tell by the spurs until they start laying/crowing. Some hens even have spurs too.
I have yet to find a spur on my silkie roo and he is 1 he does have a larger scale on his legs but no sign of a spur

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