Jul 30, 2021
I posted something a couple days ago about how our rooster was vomiting. I haven't seen him do that recently, but a few days ago I noticed that, after running, he seemed to be wheezing. After a minute or two, it would stop, but he has been doing this for a few days and I'm wondering what it could be. Additionally, he has been panting really hard even when he's not wheezing. It has been warm, but the rest of the flock has been fine, hardly panting at all.
Also, he had what we suspect was Marek's a couple months ago, and I wonder if this could be related.
Advice would be very much appreciated!


7 Years
Sep 26, 2015
Portland OR
Hm. My best guess is if he was vomiting a couple/few days ago, he may have a crop issue that isn't letting food and water move through. Or if it's very hot, he may have just been drinking lots of water and overfilling the crop.

If food/water have been coming back out, it's possible he got some of it down into his lungs (aspirated it) in the process, and may now be dealing with a secondary infection as a result, which may explain the heavy panting - takes more effort to breathe. Whether the possible Mareks plays into any of that - I don't know -- but based on the symptoms, that's my best guess.

Antibiotics might help him clear that up - I wouldn't begin to guess what to give him- but those are my $.02 on what's going on.

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