Rooster with a goopy eye, Would appreciate some opinions


8 Years
Apr 23, 2011
One of our silkie roosters has a really goopy eye and his other is pretty watery. The last few days he hasn't been himself (staying in the coop when his ladies are out in the yard). And it isn't like him to not be the first one to the after breakfast snacks! Today he came out but sat in the middle of the garden in the freezing drizzle so we brought him in the house to check him out. We tried cleaning up his face (Hubby had assumed that he got in a disagreement with the other roo), but it keeps gooping up. We have isolated him in a pen in the garage but am wondering if we should be giving them antibiotics. Any thoughts?


In the Brooder
8 Years
Jan 6, 2012
Central Wisconsin
If there seems to be no other symptoms and it is just the eye it may just have an infection. Some of my bantys had eye infections earlier this past fall. I cleaned they eye with a wet qtip and they placed Bacitracin on it 2-3 times a day. The eyes cleared up within a couple days. Good luck!!
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