Rooster with broken beak *Picture warning*


Aug 11, 2016
Hello, I am 13 years old, and I desperately need help! My rooster / cockerel broke (I'd say) a lot of his beak off last night and I don't know how I can help him, he is a Light Sussex, yet quite aggressive, because of his injury, he won't eat, we can't touch him because of his aggression, I've noticed that he won't close his mouth properly and he has some sort of lump on the inside of his mouth, near the tip of his beak where he broke it.

He broke it by pecking the inner wall of the coop late at night while I went to check on them, he seemed quite purple and stressed and I didn't realise that one of his hens were outside of the coop and he was inside, so we left him and waited to see how he did in the morning, he's nice and red now, I don't want him to starve as he won't eat because of his beak.

This morning I gave him some pellets mushed up in water, came back to see some was gone but it was only one of the hens...! There's no aspirin that I can give him, if I had any, there would be no possible way that I could give him it in my current situation. Is there any soft foods that would be recommended?

I would really appreciate the help!

I had a rooster who recently broke his beak. I fed him separately so that he wouldn't have to peck on the ground. I think that's pretty much the only thing you can do - that, and make sure the beak isn't bleeding. You may want to clean his beak off, and put a little antibiotic cream on it, but otherwise, just make sure he's getting food and not pecking at anything hard. Softened food would probably be ideal, but as long as he isn't pecking on hard ground, grain should be fine too. His beak will grow back slowly.
Hey I am so sorry about what happened and I am thirteen too! I don't no what to say....but you could try and throw a blanket over in order to catch him? Because I catch a cockerel by just forgetting pain and just doing the deed! lol! That bird is evil! Hope someone has some help for you!
It seems quite hard for me to clean his beak because like I said before, he is quite aggressive and I don't want to stress him out, also, if I clean it, I'm afraid that I will open the wound again and it will start bleeding like it did when it happened, though I have hand fed him and he acts like he is willing to eat from my hand and occasionally off of the ground. I'll see what I can try and do good progress so far. Thanks for the advice.
Thanks for the advice, if I clean it, I'm afraid it will start the bleeding again, I have been hand feeding him, he seems willing to eat off of the ground but only occasionally will he do so. As I said before though, he is quite the aggressive fellow, and I don't want to stress him but I'll see what I can do to help him.
You don't need to clean it unless you think it's going to get infected. Just keep an eye on him and make sure he's getting enough to eat (and make sure he doesn't hurt his beak trying to eat). He should be fine.

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