Rooster with eyes swollen shut...Is it Coryza? Please help


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Could use some advise on my poor rooster...We noticed one of roosters was unable to find his way out of the run a few days ago. After looking closer, we noticed his eyes where swollen shut. We brought him in and started antibiotics. He was very healthy and free ranging the day before. He seems well other than the eyes. He is eating and drinking well when we feed him but can not see to eat on his own. The discharge from his eyes are clear and he has drainage from his nose and he seems very warm. Is there anything you can give a rooster for a fever? One eye has a purplish tint to the swelling and has a slight smell We are able to open his lids to put medication in them and have been cleaning his eyes with warm water and lubing the lids with neosporin. He is walking around, using the bathroom and crowing and seems in general good health. The inside of his eyes don't have any signs of worms or parasites. I don't think this is caused by injury. He has been on the antibiotics for 3 days now and we have seen some improvement (one eye is slightly opening on its own). Does anyone know what this is and how else I can treat? Also, is there anything I should be doing with the rest of the flock since he was with them when he got ill?

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Keep an eye (no pun intended) on the rest of your flock for similar symptoms. If it's a respiratory disease, the rest of your flock could possibly be at risk of exposure if it hasnt already happened.
It's been a week now and still no signs in the rest of the flock...keeping our fingers crossed
We will keep him in the house for a while after he is 100% just to be sure...although I'm ready for the crowing to go back
Just hoping he doesn't come knocking on the door to be hand fed when he goes back out, he's gotten slightly spoiled now.

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