Rooster won’t come off roost

Nov 6, 2018
I currently have an australorp rooster and three hens. About 2 weeks ago my rooster was attacked by a dog. He made it and has been recovering with quite a scab on his back. In the past week he’s been back to normal crowing in the morning. Since he was attacked we’ve been keeping them in their coop and run for most of the day until we are home to let them out. We figured he needed to recoup and didn’t want to take a chance.
Today when I got home to let them out the hens came running and began to roam the yard but the rooster wouldn’t come off the roost. He just clucked at me and stayed put. I am wondering between the time change and the change in range he has could he be upset? They used to free range the whole property and woods behind us so it has definitely been a change. Should I force him out next time or let him be?
Thank you!!

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