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  1. I recently bought 2 Andalusians and 2 Dominques.
    They are 8 weeks old and 1 seems to be acting like a roo?
    She/He seems very dominant.
    Is this too young to be seeing this behavior in she/he?

    Thank you!

  2. Namble

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    May 20, 2009
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    got pics?
  3. cafarmgirl

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    Pullet's can also display dominant behaviour. My boss hen was very dominant from the very beginning while my little roo was much more laid back and really didn't display much rooster behaviour until he got older.
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    Quote:That was my experience as well. My one roo was very curious about everything as a chick, but he was also laid back. My bossiest chick is now my bossiest hen.
    Post pics and we'll try to help you decide, pullet or cockerel.
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    Our Andy's are crowing at 8 weeks..roosters that is [​IMG] Andy roos are very obvious compared to the pullets he will get his comb and wattles very 8 weeks it's getting much larger than a pullet and many are getting red.They are bold errogant little stinkers that you have to love anyway.My pullets don't act that way but will stand up for themselves against the boys.
    No help with the Dom's even though I spent an hour today telling someone my Barred Rocks were not Dom's [​IMG]
    But this thread needs Pictures [​IMG]
  6. Here are some pictures:)



    If they do not come up then tell me:) (I am new at this picture thing)
  7. Here are some new pics of him/her:)


    If these do not come up then tell me:)
    Any thoughts or advice will be much appreciated!


  8. gritsar

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    Matthew, I'm not real familiar with the breed, but I'm leaning towards cockerel. Hopefully others will be along shortly to help you out.
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    Looks girlish to me.....
  10. Happy Chooks

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    I think it's a girl.

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