roosters and hens

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Jul 28, 2013
Paderborn, il
We are new chicken people. I got a straight run of polish chicks and a run of runner ducks. I now have 3 roosters and 4 hens plus 4 drakes with 5 hen ducks. I've been told this absolutely won't work. Can anyone give me suggestions.
You really did get a 50/50 there didn't you lol

Unfortunately, at least for the chickens you are going to need to rehome at least two of your roosters (unless you want to eat them)
A lot of people advertise them in Craig's list etc.

I don't know anything about ducks so not sure if they pair up or flock like chickens.
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Thanks. All 3 think they are pets with certain entitlements. (meal worms, fresh peas, etc.) Guess I better start looking for homes
Ours was the same. It took us a while but finally we found him a good home. Word of mouth got us somewhere so spread the word :)
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