Roosters attacked by weasel with 1 survivor

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    Oct 16, 2012
    I had 3 roosters who were attacked the other night by a weasel. 2 were killed while the one survived but is very banged up. He has a broken wing, knuckle, and bites on his legs
    His head was extremely bloodied too. Everything looks like it's healing nicely but i can smell an infection starting. Im not sure which antibiotics can be used on chickens since i have a few on hand. Please help!
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    We went through a similar experience a few weeks ago, except the predator was a mink and it killed four ducks and injured five in one night. Of the five injured ducks, four survived, and one had a bad infection in his eye as a result of the bite. I treated the infection with neosporin, which I applied after washing the wound out with a drop of Dawn soap and lots of water. I did this every day for a week, and kept the duck in a "hospital box" in our garage (with a duck friend, since they get so lonely alone). I had to squeeze out the infected fluids at least one a day; it's pretty obvious when it needs to be done because you can feel heat radiating from the skin, and it's puffy. The duck also had what looked like soap bubbles coming out from the corner of his uninjured eye, which was from the internal pressure of the infection. (yuck). With the other injured ducks, we did Neosporin application after soap and water. I think soap and water is the best, most natural thing to use, personally, and we've had a lot of luck with that. The injured duck that didn't survive had neurological damage because the mink bit her so badly around the spine. Her wounds healed, but she lost the ability to walk, eat, etc... so we put her down to end her misery :(

    My main concern with antibiotics and chickens is I'm afraid if I don't administer them properly, and for long enough, then I'll contribute to the "super bug" problem, with the germs, etc. being resistant to them. So far soap and lots of follow up care have solved all my problems!

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