Rooster's response to northern harrier hawk flying

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Crossing the Road
14 Years
Sep 19, 2009
Holts Summit, Missouri
Today I noticed my free-ranging game rooster walked away from planted cover and started to produce a warbly cackle that sounded a little like the vocalization that means for hawk. In reality multiple vocalizations are given for hawk based on what hawk is doing but this was new. The hawk was an adult male northern harrier, that was flying about 30 feet above ground going back and forth as they do listening for small rodents and birds in grass. The hawk is not a threat to chickens. Eduardos (rooster) vocalizations appeared directed at hawk and he walked towards it holding wings like interested in flogging something. If hawk would have been closer I think Eduardo would have launched up after it which he could easily have gotten into same airspace even if hawk evaded. He is now covering hens and they are setting clutches so that is likely increasing his motivation towards hawk issues. Until a month ago, he would simply give call for hawk and run to planted cover.
Eduardo, that's great name for a rooster

Sounds like he's a good one

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