Should I get a rooster??

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If you are only interested in getting eggs then I wouldn't. My hens all lay wonderfully without one and I don't miss the noise at all. I'm pretty sure I have some roosters in my chicks and they will be meeting the dinner table after their first cocka-doodle-doo. If you want more babies, then get one.
oh ok... have fun eating chicken!!!!!!!!
I just wanted hens. NO ROOSTER! Then one of my girls started to almost crow (sounded like he was saying 'Yogurt')...figured out she was indeed a he. Told him that if he really crows - he dies. Well, he crows and lives. He is a sweet boy, amazingly beautiful and BIG. He protects the girls and the egg laying is the same.I do not regret having a rooster. So that is my 2 cents.

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