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10 Years
Sep 11, 2009
Belton, TX
We had a huge thunder storm in central TX on Monday.

over 4 inches of rain in about 35-40 minutes

my yard was flooded and so was the chicken run

So I decided to try sand all I can say is WOW

It was a ton of work moving 1200lbs of sand into the run, then I sprinkled a bunch of stalldry on top for the girls to mix in

THEY LOVE IT!!! For almost 1/2 an hour they were taking dust baths. Basking in the sun and just generally acting silly.

I am amazed how fast the poop dries out. Should I sand the bottom of their coop too?

(tired and sore)
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chickens love sand, makes you wonder why i have never seen them at the beach! 1200lbs that is a lot of sand, i do not envy that workman ship. The thing with sand that i like is when i dries out while mixed with the poop it is easy to clean up. However over time, when trampled into the mud underneath you will end up having to add more.
I fully intend to add more over time.

We have very hard ground here in Central TX, which should help the stomping down part. I only put down 3 inches for now. Adding more as I go till I get it to about 6 inches.

They seem very happy about their new flooring - the only thing i dont like is their crumbles are the same color as the sand.

There is no smell at all now. Before it smelled like wet muddy grass. Thinking to put an inch or 2 in their coop.


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