Run - sand or deep litter?


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7 Years
May 4, 2012
We built a 9x9 run that has 1/2" hardware cloth on all sides, including the floor. The coop and run are located under a large maple on an area that has adequate but not great drainage. Our original plan was to use large gravel for drainage and cover with coarse sand. I'm rethinking that now, though, because we've had some logistical problems getting the gravel and sand we need (not a problem to buy, but a problem to get to our house, and the rental truck won't fit through our gate). Bagged gravel and sand are an option but are about 3 times the price, and the tab for this chicken mansion is already higher than I'm comfortable with. :)

Is it possible or even advisable to do deep litter in the run? Or is sand really worth it? I do plan to use it in the coop itself (which is raised) to make cleaning easier.
I did deep litter in my run and regretted it a month later. It was rotten and nasty so quickly!
I pulled it all out and put in sand. It is waaaaay easier to keep clean!


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