runny, wheezy, sneezie and vaccines advice needed.

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    Aug 24, 2010
    We have battled this past year with our chickens having wheezing, sneezing and runny noses. We treat with tylan, seperate from others and they perk up and are healthy again. We recently got two chicks ( at a day old) and purposely have kept them in the house and away from all other birds, made sure our hands were washed, and didnt touch them until we changed our clothes from being outside. No cross contamination basically and today they both showed runny noses and watery eyes. They are both now 5 weeks old and I cant figure out what in the world it could be. Also does anyone have experience with vaccines? I want to start vaccinating any chickens we buy from auctions against Infectious Bronchitis etc and do not know whether you can give it at any age and whether or not the use of live vs. non live vaccine makes a difference. At an absolute loss and dont want the babies sick.

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