9 Years
Jun 5, 2010
Beaver County, PA
This is not an environment I can function in now. It's so slow I can watch the flowers grow while a page is loading.

Is this temporary or just the way it is?
Yeah, I've been getting in some pretty good aerobic exercise between posts.
What browser version are you using? It runs best if you have the newest version.
Internet Explorer 9
Mozilla Firefox 9.0.1
Google Chrome (whatever version it's supposed to be)

Kathyinmo has a thread going about disabling a bunch of her browser's add-ons and the site runs smoother for her now. Do you have a lot of add-ons running? If you are running IE, click "Tools" and select "Internet options." In that window, click the "Programs" tab and click "Manage add-ons."

It could also be on account of the recent conversion and things may not be running as smoothly as they should just yet.
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I upgraded to Google Chrome (was using who knows what version of I.E.) and this is all clickity-clack-fast now!!
And my laptop is 5+ years old, so this is good.

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